Why Buy Eden Valley?

Provident Living means “Making provisions for the future”. Eden Valley Farms believes in Provident Living. You purchase car insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and homeowner’s insurance that you may never use and you’ll definitely never get a refund for. Why wouldn’t you purchase food insurance as well?

But why Eden Valley Farms? The reason is simple: we offer the highest quality, best tasting, and longest-lasting storable food on the market.

At Eden Valley Farms, we’ve overcome common food storage problems that our competitors simply don’t address.

Oxygen, moisture, and oil are enemies of your long-term food storage. Oxygen and moisture allow bacteria and mold to flourish, and oils break down, turn rancid, and spoil over time. We at Eden Valley Farms flush all of our food products with nitrogen before sealing them in heavy-duty industrial-grade poly mylar pouches. Nitrogen dispels
oxygen thereby eliminating even the possibility of bacterial growth which could spoil your precious food storage.

Many of our competitors recipes contain ingredients with high moisture/water content- sometimes up to 20%! At Eden Valley Farms we ensure that all our recipes contain less than 5% moisture (ideally shelf-stable long-term storage food should contain less than 7%). We accomplish this by sourcing only the finest shelf-stable freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients directly from reputable sources.

The chemical bonds of many common processed oils (like vegetable or canola) break down over time and turn rancid. This chemical break-down spoils and destroys food. This is why Eden Valley Farms never uses processed oils or shortenings in its long-term food storage meals.
Eden Valley Farms uses only the highest quality shelf-stable tropical oils like Palm or Coconut Oil and only when our recipes call for it.
We never use hydrogenated oils, syrups or shortenings. Never.

Compare our competitors’ ingredient lists to ours. You’ll find that we use only the finest natural ingredients and never load our food with preservatives or chemicals like MSG or silicon dioxide. We use the finest natural flavors, spices, and sea salt which makes our food both healthy and flavorful.

At Eden Valley Farms we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our Food Scientists in order to craft the tastiest meals and to ensure that they will last up to 25 years on your shelf or in your basement. We never use middlemen. We own the manufacturing process from start to finish and we go directly to the source for our ingredients. This
enables us to maintain the strictest quality control and pass savings on to you that our competitors only dream of. We want to make sure that our food will be there to sustain you and your family when you really need it and if we wouldn’t serve it to our kids, we wouldn’t sell it to you.

Eden Valley Farms is simply the best on the market. We use no MSG, our products contain no trans-fats, no hydrogenated oils or shortenings, and are almost entirely GMO-free. All our recipes are low in sodium because we use only the highest grade sea salt, spices, and natural flavors. Our food is nitrogen flushed before being sealed in resealable industrial-grade poly mylar serving pouches. Our food tastes like it came from your local farmer’s market. Eden Valley Farms is truly kid-tested and mother-approved.

Visit us at www.edenvalleyfood.com and see the difference for yourself.