Naturally, the Best-Tasting,

Highest Quality, Most-Nutritious,

Shelf-Stable Food


Eden Valley Farms

has put together the

perfect food supply to

feed your friends and family,

use for outdoor recreation,

or supplement your

growing food storage.

Naturally, the best-tasting, highest quality, most nutritious, shelf-stable food on the planet

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But come on! Don't wait 25 years to eat our food! It's so delicious you can crack open a bag of food anytime and enjoy a great meal from Eden Valley. All of our food is Non-GMO, and incorporates mixed blends of freeze dried, Micro dried, Spray Dried, Drum Dried, and Dehydrated Foods.

Each item of food is packaged in a resealable 5 mil. poly-mylar bag and utilizes nitrogen-sealed technology to keep it from oxidizing. Each is free from hydrogenated vegetable oils, chemicals, colors, and trans fats making these products the MOST shelf-stable dried food blend on Planet Earth.

What Makes Us DIFFERENT?