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 Be Informed. Be Ready.

Eden Valley Farms was established to bring safety to the home. A principle that stems from the concepts of family and love.

Established in 2011 Eden Valley Farms brings a new standard of quality to the food storage and emergency preparedness industry. With emergency preparedness being more important than ever, our goal is not to just sell you long term food storage. Our goal is to educate families on emergency essentials, food storage, water purifiers, medical kits and sustainable living so that they can be prepared for any emergency.

Eden Valley offers the best long term food storage products on the market. Our great tasting packaged meals are made with high quality ingredients, packaged individually and stored in a nitrogen flushed Mylar bag. The shelf stable food storage products prepared by Eden Valley Farms will remain fresh and and taste as fresh as if you had harvested them yourself that very day.  Containing absolutely no MSG, no trans-fats, no shortenings, no hydrogenated oils, and being effectively GMO-Free, Eden Valley Farms products are intended to last up to 25 years on the shelf, basement or shelter.

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