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Berkey Water Filter

Berkey Water Filter

Disaster Preparedness Common Sense

Eliminate Concern With A Berkey Water Filter


So, have you heard of the Berkey Walter Filter? Actually, let’s take a step back first. We’ve pointed out before how important water is for survival. Next to food, water is one of the basic elements that all living things need in order to preserve life. We, as organisms, are mostly made up of this miraculous combination of hydrogen and oxygen, so we can’t stay alive without it for very long. Access to water is one of the first things that may falter during a natural disaster, so it is of essence to have available water for both drinking and hygiene. Common sense dictates that water is probably the most important element in disaster preparedness.

Your average American suburban household is likely to have bottled water stored in their houses for emergencies. Well, that might come useful, but more often than not, stored bottled water will actually be useless. The bottled water industry is loosely regulated, which means that the images of pristine lakes inside beautiful, green valleys, are just that: images. At least 40% of bottled water sold is less filtered than tap water, which means that it is susceptible to become easily contaminated by simply sitting in your pantry or basement. You might as well fill bottles with water from the tap yourself. On top of that, bottled water companies almost always use the harmful chemical Bisphenol-A when manufacturing plastic bottles. This chemical is suspected to have all kinds of terrible side-effects including cardiovascular disease and cancer. Additionally, plastic bottles are slightly permeable and risk being contaminated by other chemicals they may come in contact with. The last thing you need to be worrying about during an emergency is whether your bottled water is contaminated with chemicals or bacteria.

Berkey Water Filters get rid of all those concerns for you.

We don’t want to criminalize bottled water here. In reality, you are better off with a case of Evian than tap water from Flint, MI. The problem is that bottled water is a huge, big-dollar industry with a lot of dubious players involved. This means we can see shady corporate interests influencing our country’s lawmakers to keep regulations loose in order to save themselves some money and responsibility. This leads to horror stories like what happened in the town of Fryeburg, Maine. The town sits on an aquifer with pristine-clean water and has used it as its water supply since its foundation. When Nestlé (yes, the chocolate company) opened a subsidiary for Poland Spring bottled water, the residents of Fryeburg noticed they were suddenly having water shortages. You can only imagine the shock when they found out that Nestlé was pumping water from their very own aquifer and selling it back to them in bottles. The town engaged in a legal battle with the company, which had every intention of privatizing water that did not belong to them. The CEO publicly stated he did not believe water should be a human right and that it should instead be assigned a “Market Value” and “Privatized”. Any common-sensed American would not want to give their hard-earned dollars to those kinds of people.

Get A Berkey Water Filter

 So, what should you do about these issues with bottled water? Simple, get a Berkey Water Filter and you can forget about having to buy or store bottled water, for good. The Berkey Water filter system is simply the most efficient water filtration system available in the world right now. It is so powerful it is classified as a water purifier rather than a water filter. Berkey is trusted worldwide by important relief organizations as the go-to water filtration system for emergency situations and disaster and hurricane preparedness. It is portable, reliable, and also saves you a lot of money, time, and space.

Berkey is the world’s leading standalone gravity filtration system. It does not need electricity to function and instead let’s gravity do the work as water flows through its specialized filter, the Black Berkey. The filter itself is made of a combination of elements that have been ardently tested by years of scientific research. The filter has micropores through which the water passes, leaving any bacteria, sediment, or harmful chemicals trapped within the filter. The material it is made of has ion exchange and adsorption properties which keep that waste from passing on to your drinking water. Again, Berkey is classified as a water purifier, which means it removes 99.9999999% of pathogenic bacteria and 99.999% of viruses from water. It really doesn’t get any cleaner than that.

Also, each Berkey water filter comes with two patented filter/purifier elements that can do up to 3,000 gallons each.  That is 6,000 gallons total! What that means that you is that you are highly unlikely to run out of clean water if you start using it only during an emergency. Think of all the space you’d need to store 6,000 gallons of bottled water. Think of all the waste that 6,000 gallons of bottled water would generate in plastic residue. Think about the fossil fuels burned transporting bottled water. Think about the environmental and social damage that bottling companies like Nestlé cause. Not enough? Think of the cost of purchasing 3000 gallons of bottled water would be. The Big Berkey Water Filter(the most popular model) costs less than $300 (with 2 additional filters for only $100), so you don’t need a calculator to figure out the enormous value behind that.

Berkey Water Filters
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Survival and Berkey Water Filters

So, for any person with a sense of self-preservation and survivalist, a Berkey Water Filter in the house should be a no-brainer. It will save you money, it will save you space, it will save you time; it will be better for the environment and better for your family. A Berkey Water Filter is a game-changer when it comes to survival; it will make a difference and it will save lives. You can even have a Berkey Water Filter at home for daily consumption, making your tap water a cleaner drink. You can find a wide range of Berkey Water Filters available at Eden Valley, along with additional Berkey products. You can look today and find the right filter for your specific needs, be it travel, daily home use, or emergencies. There is no doubt that Berkey is the #1 option available in the market for clean, purified water.

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