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Winter Preparedness Guide

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As the calendar turns to November, now is the time we need to start looking into preparing for the winter to come. Winter kits are essential for safety during the cold months, and not having one might literally cost you your life. Most of the items in your 72-hour kit are already sufficient to survive. However,  withstanding a winter environment brings its own problems. There is the possibility of being exposed to extreme weather storms and temperatures that could leave you stuck for very long periods of time. If you are traveling to see friends and family this winter season,

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Family Emergency Preparedness Plan

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Do you have a family emergency preparedness plan because no matter where you are, disasters can happen at any time. That means any event, from an earthquake to a hurricane, from a blizzard to a hazardous waste leak, is unpredictable and can put entire communities out of basic services like water and electricity, and out of contact with local government and shelters for extended periods of time. That’s why Eden Valley focuses on being prepared, both by having multiple survival kits (home, car, office) ready, and knowing what to do when disaster strikes. Eden Valley has provided a Family Emergency Preparedness Plan that will help you, your family, your pets, and everyone in your community prevail in the case of an emergency.

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