Eden Valley Long Term Food Storage

Quality Variety Value


Why Buy Eden Valley?

  • At Eden Valley we manufacture our own freeze dried food. We purchase, blend, bag, and sell our own products
  • Highest quality and the latest creation of convenient, freeze dried food storage
  • Best tasting “just-add-water” mixes available.
  • Entrees contain no MSG, no trans-fats, and no hydrogenated oils/hydrolyzed syrups. They have little or no cholesterol  and we have many entrees that are Gluten Free.
  • Each item is hand packed, weighed, and nitrogen flush sealed.

Eden Valley Long Term Food Storage

Eden Valley Farms

Up To 25 Year Long Food Storage

Eden Valley believes in Provident Living. For those of us that practice it, having long term food storage isn’t just what we do, it is also who we are. Provident living, for whatever your reason, just makes good sense. You purchase car insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and homeowner’s insurance that you may never use and you will surely never get a refund for not using it. Why wouldn’t you purchase food insurance as well? All of these reasons and many more lead us to have long term food storage. We hope that you too will find a reason to live providently!

A Wise Food Storage Investment

A wise food storage investment in future stability and an even better investment if you practice storing what you use and using what you store. Using and rotating your Eden Valley’s Freeze Dried Food Storage Entrees on a regular basis maintains the original investment and prevents it from being wasted.

Highest Grade Freeze Dried Food Storage

Rich Flavor Content

Eden Valley uses only the highest quality food. We select only food storage stable ingredients. Food storage stable ingredients have very low moisture/water content, no hydrogenated oils/hydrolyzed syrups. Our freeze dried food does NOT contain trans-fats, or MSG. Some of our ingredient cost 2-3 times more money but we do it because quality, taste, and reliable long-term shelf life are that important to us.

Eden Valley Long Term Food Storage

Food Storage Packaging

At Eden Valley we take our long term food storage packaging very seriously. When you open a bag of potato chips does it pop? Yes, why? Because it is nitrogen flush sealed. We use the same process to ensure that the superior quality ingredients in all of our meals stays fresh and secure for up to 25 years when we seal them in our thick Poly-Mylar bags. The Poly-Mylar bags are light and easy to store and will keep its contents significantly cooler than the ambient temperature. Each bag contains 5 easy to cook servings and unlike canned food you could easily fit 1 months’ worth of food in a backpack.

Long Term Food Storage Products

From All Of Us At Eden Valley

We are a family owned business that was created out of a passion for being prepared. We believe in our food storage products and are proud to be offering them to you… Eden Valley is the manufacturer and everything is done locally.  Our desire is to help our neighbors and friends affordably stock their shelves with great tasting, long term food storage. So if you need a delicious meal to serve tonight, take to a party, a backpacking, camping, or hunting trip, or store long term, we hope that you will choose Eden Valley as your wise food storage source.

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