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At Eden Valley Farms we believe that as a community we are stronger when united, educated, and prepared. Our goal as a business goes beyond simple monetary success; we want to see our people survive and push forward if unfortunate times were to arrive. Eden Valley wants to be a provider of not only emergency supplies, but also knowledge and experience to our customers. For this reason, we have created a section of knowledge based articles on Emergency Preparedness for Community Resources, an easy-to-use guide full of useful, life-saving information for our customers.

The community resources knowledgebase is divided into four sections: long term food storage recipes, Disaster Preparedness for many different scenarios, a list of Food Storage Tips, and a Community Survival Blog which is regularly updated to inform our customers of new trends and quick information.

Peril and natural disaster are always bound to happen. Preparedness is Survival. Education is Preparedness. The best way to ensure the safety of you and your family is to know what to do, how to act, and how to prepare. Use our Community Resources on Emergency Preparedness to your benefit and make this education a family activity. The more your family is involved in being prepared, the greater chances you’ll have of pulling through during times of crisis.

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