FILLER COMBO 12-Month Bucket Combo


Our FILLER COMBO 12-Month Bucket Combo is perfect for home, camping, or storage, all you need is water and you’re in business. These 9 entrée and breakfast fan favorite comfort foods are nutritionally packed and tasteful, with 1,440 Servings and over 258,000 calories this food satisfies and is packed to last.



Product Description

Eden Valley Farms’ FILLER COMBO Twelve-Month Emergency Food Supply Bucket Combo compiles a nutritionally packed selection of menu items intended to please your belly and supplement your storage collection. Each menu item is perfect for a quick meal at home, for camping, backpacking or to supplement your growing food storage. All you need is water and you’re in business. These 9 entrée and breakfast menu items contain 60 servings of delicious Chili and Hearty Potato Soups (both gluten-friendly) and 60 servings of tasty carb-packed Cornbread Muffins, Biscuits and Cheesy Mac, these comfort foods are intended to fill the belly and gladden the heart making them an excellent addition to your pantry. Take comfort in knowing that you are prepared with great food when you need it. Boasting 1,440 Servings and 258,000 calories, these 6.5 Gallon buckets holds the perfect twelve-month dried food supply to feed your friends and family, to use for outdoor recreation or supplement your growing food storage.

Each resealable bag of food utilizes nitrogen-sealed technology and is free from hydrogenated vegetable oils, chemicals, colors and trans fats making this product the most shelf-stable dried food blend on Planet Earth. But come on! Don’t wait 25 years to eat our food! it’s so delicious you can crack open a bag of one of these rice dishes anytime and enjoy a great meal on Eden Valley. Another Eden Valley Farms product that naturally offers the best-tasting, highest quality, most-nutritious, shelf-stable food on the planet.

Product Details
Servings:  1,440
Calories: 258,000
Bags: 192
Preservation Method: Mixed blends of Freeze-dried, Micro dried, Spray Dried, Drum Dried and Dehydrated
Packaging: Nitrogen-flushed resealable industrial-grade poly-mylar bags
Estimated Shelf Life: up to 25 years*
Non-GMO: Yes
Gluten Friendly Servings: 720

24 – Mango Habanero Chili (120)
24 – White Bean Chili (120)
24 – Classic Chili (120)
24 – Baked Potato Soup (120)
24 – Irish Pub Cheddar Potato Soup (120)
24 – Coeur d’Alene Potato Soup (120)
24 – Cheesy Mac (120)
12 – Cornbread Muffins (300)
12 – Biscuits/Scones (300)

*No Emergency Food Storage Product available on the market has yet been fully tested to see if it will truly last the full 25 years. All food must be kept in a cool, dry, dark location to reach its maximum storage potential. EVF products are more strict in their packaging and preparation requirements than the industry standard to ensure that it is the most shelf-stable food available.


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