Do You Have a Plan?

Why You Should Care About Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials – Do You Have a Plan?

Eden Valley Farms You Cant Eat Money

Eden Valley Farms You Cant Eat Money

Think of emergency essentials in terms of insurance and preparing for the future. For automobile accidents, we buy car insurance. For fires, burglaries, or floods, we buy home insurance. For breaking a bone or getting a surgery, we buy health insurance. Even though the chance of one of these misfortunes happening to us is relatively miniscule, we nevertheless recognize that it’s better to be prepared. That is where Eden Valley and our survival kits come in.

We know that as the population of our globe increases at a rate that current technology cannot sustain, resources will become increasingly limited. Statistical studies have shown that the chance of a building fire is far below a hundredth of a percent, but we have an evacuation procedure, just in case. So why does this “better safe than sorry” mentality give us a reason to insure against the microscopic chance of a fire, but not the imminent threat of resource scarcity?


Experts the world over have gone on record stating that the human population will face a huge scarcity of resources like food and water within the next decade, yet few people have ever given any serious thought about how they would provide for their families when there is no fully stocked, affordable supermarket just down the street. Do you have a plan?

Preparedness is Half the Battle

Fortunately, we at Eden Valley Farms have recognized the urgency of this danger and have done the planning for you. Eden Valley Farms believes in provident living (providing for the future), and that to live as such, one must always be two things: informed and ready. We have done our part for you in terms of being informed; we have studied and found that the food shelf life of most non-perishable products is greatly exaggerated at best (who sits around for 20 years before putting a food product on the market?), that high water or oil content can make food go rancid long before its expiration date (food goes bad when its first ingredient goes bad), soy protein in meat substitutes leads to health problems in males, and among other factors, avoiding genetically modified foods and high salt content is important. Our competitors often ignore or do not understand the significance of these considerations, but Eden Valley does. We can provide your family with not just the means of surviving in the case of an emergency or resource shortage, but with the means to thrive in the face of hardship through the best possible survival kit. We are dedicated to all the emergency essentials you could need, such as food, water, and medical supplies of the absolute highest quality, because we know we want our loved ones safe and provided for, and know that you do, too.


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